Stone Grind Nordic Premium Refinish

Stone Grind Nordic Premium Refinish

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Nordic stone grind full refinish includes base flattening, minor P-tex, base structure and polish, low temperature hotbox wax saturation and  single coat base hardening wax.  Please choose a structure from menu below for each ski in your order.

Stock structures are following:

Uni(-)    Universal wide range medium cold structure - #1 choice all around structure

HM-120    Universal medium/warm  wide range - pair with Uni(-) for 2 ski quiver

U-3   Universal shallow cold to medium cold plus fine new snow at warmer temps

XLM    Warmer, high moisture and wet snow

L-4    Fine Linear for cold, dry or new snow

X-Cold    Very fine for coldest conditions



We will contact you to verify correct matching of structures chosen with individual skis.



We have arranged with our friends at Wasatch Touring to function as a drop off and pickup location for weekly grind batches.  The general schedule is skis dropped by close Monday are processed and returned to Wasatch by Thursday or Friday the same week.  

IMPORTANT!! Please check our Facebook page for latest work schedule: